Hello my name is Eric Solomon and I am a recent graduate IUPUI as of Spring of 2018. I currently have no professional experience when it comes to graphic designing, but with what I have learned through my classes, I am aiming for a job that would want me for my skills as well as my capabilities in graphic design.

One of the biggest influences of CGI in my life with graphics and design was Jurassic Park. While still in the infancy stage, Steven Spielberg’s team of graphic designers evolved the idea of stop motion animation into what is now computer graphics. Bringing to life imagination as well as creativity to the real world. Through these effects I to want to expand and evolve the idea of computer graphics so that others can be inspired as I was.

I am an exceptionally dedicated worker, as well as balanced between both my work, school and free time. I am looking forward for exceeding in future projects that reflects on my experience with computer graphics.

Click the link below to see my resume!